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Use your sale time
more efficiently

Just efficient

SALES2B helps B2B sales departments to eliminate research
from everyday sales and thus invest more time evolving your business.

Not the fancy part of work

On average, Sale in the B2B sector uses about 1/4 of its time
for the resarch of potential new customers and the key
contact person

… but an expensive one!

The tied-up distribution resources, in addition to high personnel costs, an unused annual sale potential of $200,000 per sale unit.

… makes B2B sales 23% more efficient.



What B2B sales can expect from us

1. Customer Description

You provide a customer description based on more than 30 criteria.

2. Customer Research

We compare your customer profile with 4 million DACH

3. Customer Aquisition

We deliver high potential customers and your personalized prequalified point to contact.

The Right Leads For Your Sales Funnel